image showing voxel editing

Simple 3D Modeling and Voxel Editing Software

Easy to Use Interface

Designed to be used by people who are not primarily focused on 3D art. Creating basic 3D art for use in games and other projects is simple.

Voxel Modeling

Creating a basic model is as simple as playing a game of Minecraft. Place and remove blocks using various brushes. Apply texture by painting directly on to the model.

Mesh Modeling

Traditional modeling tools to create more advanced models. Supports a variety of primitives such as spheres, cylinders, edges, and vertices. Various primitive editing tools.

Procedural Modeling

Use algorithms to create interesting models. A tree generation tool allows for the creation of detailed tree models by setting a set of algorithm parameters.

Leverage Programming Skill

Use programming skill to modify Shaper. A Lua API for scripting basic tools. A C++ API for creating plugins that can add new tools or additional import/export formats.

Import and Export

Supports a variety of import and export formats. Easily use Shaper creations in game engines such as Unity or in other tools.